Heart Failure Risk Calculator

The Heart Failure Risk Calculator presents 1 and 3 year all-cause mortality estimates for people with heart failure, as developed and presented in Pocock et al. "Predicting survival in heart failure: a risk score based on 39372 patients from 30 studies" Eur Heart J 2012 doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehs337.

The intended audience for the Risk Calculator is health care professionals knowledgeable in cardiology and the management of people with heart failure.

The model was constructed from research data collected from 1980-2006 and may not be indicative of current or future trends in heart failure management. The variability in risk between studies and cohorts is greater than that explained by known risk factors. True risk within any centre may be higher or lower than the stated estimates for 1 and 3 year mortality.

This site and its contents are made available as a research courtesy, with no direct or indirect liability accepted by the Meta-Analysis Global Group in Chronic Heart Failure (MAGGIC), or the study sponsors: The University of Auckland, the New Zealand Heart Foundation, the University of Glasgow.